A branding company built for the modern creative.


What we do?

We build brands,

More than just branding,

we're culture builders.

Become brand powerful.

Power to the business,

power to you.

with creative services.


Apply the creative with brilliant logo design, product placements, and unique graphic design features that match the culture of your business and or personal brand.


No more annoying ads. Our ads target a community to create long-lasting customer relationships. We incorporate your brand strategically and effectively.


Having your business on the Internet through a fully developed website is key in modern business success. A well-made site shows you mean business.

We are an invite-only service platform. We require you to submit your full legal name, legal business name, and appropriate service request before starting a project with us.

Distinct Projects is a newly founded branding company emphasizing in the creative located in Reno, NV.  Our raw passion for developing brands indicates long-lasting relationships with clients that are chasing the now.

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